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About us

It took many years before the latest digital printing technology allowed production of a high resolution porcelain portrait with a finish that will not fade or scratch at an affordable price.

The loved one’s photograph embedded in one of the world’s finest porcelains used by ‘‘Immortal Souvenir’’ is baked on at over 1600°F and becomes permanently engraved on the inside and outside, thereby preserving it’s beauty forever.

We use exclusive manufacturing and photo-reproduction techniques in high-resolution colors, black and white or sepia. Depending of the quality of the picture you provide, it can be printed up to 1200dpi on the porcelain

We believe that every family should have the opportunity to purchase their loved one a memorial porcelain plaque that can be used on funeral tombstone, monument , colombarium, niche or just at home on a stand or a frame.

We are passionnate people, working hard to give to our customers an Immortal Souvenir.

Your satisfaction is our goal.


We guarantee our porcelain

  • Unscratchable: Your photo is engraved in the porcelain. There is no way to scratch it.
  • Unfadeable: For the same reason (engraved) the photo will never fade
  • Weather proof: You can install it inside or outside.The porcelain can resist any kind of weather.
  • UV ray proof: The sun UV rays cannot affect the photo.

Unless you manage to break the Porcelain, it has a lifetime warranty. Our porcelain lasts forever.

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781 Marcel, Sainte-Adele, Quebec, Canada, J8B1L7
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